Predicts sumoylation sites and SUMO-interaction motifs
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GPS-SUMO is a tool for the prediction of sumoylation sites and SUMO-interaction motifs. By covalently modifying specific lysine residues in protein substrates, or by non-covalently interacting with proteins, small ubiquitin-like modifiers (SUMOs) play an essential role in the regulation of a variety of biological processes, including gene expression, DNA repair, chromosome assembly, and cellular signaling. Along with the accumulating research on its biological functions, there are abundant pieces of evidence that the aberrance of SUMO regulation is highly associated with various diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases, congenital heart defects, diabetes, and cancers. Therefore, the identification of SUMOylation Sites and SUMO-interaction Motifs (SIMs) in proteins is fundamental for understanding the biological functions and regulatory mechanisms of SUMOs and provides potential targets for further diagnostic and therapeutic consideration.

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